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Paw Balm Lavender

Paw Balm Lavender


Does your pup have cracked, crusty, rough, or dull paws? Then it's time to get some Paw Balm! Paw Balm helps moisturize, heal, and protect your dog's paws from all elements including extreme temperatures in the Summer and Winter, allergens, and much more!

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Our balms are made using locally sourced organic beeswax, honey, and lavender essential oil from nearby farms in Sequim, Washington that use organic, ethical processes in production, ensuring the highest quality product for your pet.


With our Paw Balms, you can take a sigh of relief knowing your pooch's paws are protected and ready for the next adventure!

Our balms come in Unscented & Lavender and are packaged in Eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, push-up containers.

Each balm is 1.5 Oz.

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